04 November 2009

Jazz Hands

I fell in love with this quilt in Material Obsession 2 as soon as I opened the book. I madely purchased template after template in the hope that the exact shape would be in it.I knew that it was a Matilda's own template (now I have quite a good collection of the little darlings) but the right shape wasn't in any of them. Finally I got in contact with Sarah and she said that she was getting some made if I could wait. You can get the template if you really have to have it from Sewn. I've had the template for a couple of weeks and have been deciding on what fabric I was going to use. I had a thought the other night in bed and came up with the idea of using black and white fabrics in the centre and outside border of the blocks. To the left of the pile is a group of black and white fabrics that at the moment are out (when they photographed they came out medium). I want there to be a definite dark and light to the group as I will alternate these in the blocks light in centre dark on outside and light on outside dark in centre. This is probably not all the fabric I will use because I want it to be really scrappy but it is a start. I am waiting on the arrival of some of Amy Butler's new range and I think these will probably add a bit of zing to the quilt.

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