11 November 2009

Why do you need to go to classes?

Do you like my latest Etsy find. If you like it you can find more like it here. The problem with etsy is that there is so many talented crafters in the world and I keep finding stuff like this piece that I just have to have.

A couple of weeks ago my son asked "Why do you need to go to sewing classes?" and I have been thinking quite a bit about this question. Why do we jump at the chance to have a class with a favourite designer or teacher. There are a number of reasons that come to mind.

Firstly my son of 9 years doesn't appreciate that learning is a life long experience (which is something I won't be letting on for a while as he is hoping to finish school sometime and telling him it will go on for ever might be a bit depressing). Secondly there is always a chance that someone knows how to do something easier than you or you pick up a few little hints and tricks (learn about a new tool) that you can incorporate into what you do, even if you don't appreciate it at the time. Thirdly it is being in a room with like minded people, you can learn off them too they are after all kindred sprits. Fourthly it is inspiration for new things, new colour schemes, not everyone has the same tastes and it is wonderful to see everyone's interpretation of a piece.

Fifthly I love doing classes if I do it on my own or with a group of friends I always enjoy the experience.


Sue said...

WOW!! 2 posts in 1 days I'm impressed - pictures as well!!!! I do like your new etsy find. And you are right it is always fun to learn something new or not as sometimes happens but it is always fun to spend time with like minded people and hey sometimes that's how we come across our best buddies!!! :)
Try and stay cool .... Im definately over summer before it has even started!! I am going to be VERY cranky by the end of the week. Cheers S

Sarah said...

Couldn't have said it better Amanda.