23 September 2010

Creative Space - Sparkles

I am not sure if my Creative Space is on this week so I thought I would do something a bit different I am going to talk about my quilting group Sparkles who are a wonder to my Creative Head Space.  Life at Seabreeze Central continues to be manic this week so creatively I am a little bit spent, and when things are going down the toilet the options are a big bowl of chocolate or go shopping.   I am trying to do the second option as winter has added enough tyres around my middle so am going to go and order a new toy this morning and hit the shops....more on that later.

Once a fortnight(ish) I meet with a group of kindred spirits, to talk quilting, look at mags, books and fondle the latest editions to my stash.  There are 5 of us now and to say that I look forward to these meetings is a understatement.  We feed each other's creativity and addictions (fabric, book and latest pattern kind). In between we keep each other informed via email and the occasional text.    Collectively we probably have a lot of textile knowledge (wonder if we should insure it lol).  And these girls are REALLY GOOD FRIENDS.  So Kay, Sue, Helen and Silvia can't wait till next Wednesday so we can plan the big project for next year.

And now for some pictures.  Last night Squid had her primary concert, so here are a couple of happy snaps.  The mums who helped with the masks did a fantastic job.  They did the Circle of Life.

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Sue said...

Hi, I hope things settle down .... with school holidays next week I guess things arent going to get any easier??!! I am really looking forward to catching up next week ... it has been ages since I have made it ... so I will be there come hell or high water!!!!! lol My motivation is sadly lacking so I need to spend some time with da girls to get the creative juices flowing again!!!! The concert looks like it went well those masks are amazing!!!! Cheers S