02 September 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space has been sadly lacking in the creative department this week.  My son has been unwell, and work (the paying kind) has really got in the way.  In fact it is getting in the way a big lot today my day off when I have to go into work this morning then rush back to my side of town for an appointment. I have to admit this week I really want to get off the world for a bit.  

So my creative space is purely in my head this week. If any of you read my blog you will know I love Stampington Publications.  

This is the first time I have got Apprentice and it is an indepth technique magazine which I am going to read cover to cover.  Somerset Studio I have looked at a couple of times already this week when I have had a minute and there are lots of things in there that have me wishing to head to the sewing room to get out my paints and bits and bobs.  It has lots of Halloween stuff in it which I don't know if I like all of it but some of it I love.   There is also an article about when to Buckle Down and stay in the Studio or when it is time to leave it all alone, which in my current frame of mind is quite interesting.  The last mag is the Holiday & Celebration and there are quite a few things in there that I can draw inspiration from.

When the urge to create comes back I also have these to think about.   Kim McLean Patterns that I just had to have.

And more creative spaces at kootoyoo


74 Lime Lane said...

no good to hear about sickness, and i have same trouble with that pesky paying job getting in the way all the time!
the article about the buckling down does sound interesting!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I feel exactly the same way about work ! Encroaching on my sewing time. Bah!

Hope your son feels better soon.