16 September 2010

My Creative Space

Today is a proclaimed ME DAY.  I will not be running all over the city taking kids/me or other member's of the family to drs/dentists/excursions etc or going to work because I have the guilts because I couldn't get everything finished yesterday.   I am going to lock myself in my sewing room and do what I want to do.... thinking I might also schedule another ME DAY on Monday as I have swapped my working day because the boss has to go to Melbourne and I miss out on sewing AGAIN.

Things have not been running smoothly at Seabreeze Central the last few weeks and I am feeling as though I am juggling to many balls at the moment.

This is a quilt that I offered to machine quilt for a lady at my sewing class.  She hand button holed the whole quilt it is absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday I pin basted it all so now I am ready to get stuck in.  I also will be working on another secret project which is a gift so there will be no photo's until it is finished and in the recipients hot little hands.

I am sure there are more creative spaces for you to check out at kootoyoo.


Cardygirl said...

Look after yourself & enjoy your ME time. Really weird coincidence- I was looking at that DLN applique pattern last night!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Sometimes you just have to say -I'm taking back some time for ME! I hope you enjoy your sewing.

That quilt is just beautiful.

Brighton Breezy said...

Lock the door - foot on the treadle - go girl!

Lindsay said...

The quilt is just beautiful! I wish you had a larger picture.

Chantal said...

Wow, that quilt is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Goodness me that is some beautiful work in that photo!