20 March 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I know that there isn't a linky party this week with Kate on Spring Break but I thought I have got into this habit of taking note of what I have achieved through the weeks of February that I might as well continue on.

It wasn't a perfect score this week, but when I think back over the week I have done plenty of creative stuff if it hasn't been all sewing.

Wednesday - Prepared the missing letters from the Its only words wall hanging cut them out and fixed them in place.
Thursday - spray basted wadding to the quilt top ready to raw edge applique the words down.  More crochet
Friday - started stitching the words
Saturday - more stitching words/Cross Stitch
Sunday - Finished the words and basted the quilt ready to quilt plus Mixed Media Projects
Monday - NOTHING - Dog obedience and after being pretty much perfect all week, Coco decided to totally ignore me the whole lesson and do whatever she wanted.  I was so shattered I really couldn't sew when I got home.  2 more weeks and I don't think we will be heading for a pass this term.  We are having a break over Winter (I don't fancy going to class between 8 - 9 in the freezing cold when I could be snuggled up next to the heater stitching).  Hubby isn't happy but he's not the one standing out in the cold freezing his bits off.
Tuesday - Did some shopping today, picked up Lynette Anderson's Button club, Sue Daly's Antique Sampler and Lynette's new book.  Might start something new tonight, just have to pick something.


Shay said...

If it makes you feel any better Lola and I both failed dog obedience ....

Sounds like you an awesome week

(and I dont blame you for not wanting to freeze your bits off in the middle of winter on an oval somewhere )

thea said...

My son's dog Beau needs to go .. wish he would. Good week, even without a link up. Love the red and white.

Kate said...

Wow you had a great week last week too.

Sorry for the late response, I'm still trying to get caught up on all the blogs I missed last week.