07 March 2012

The 15 Minute Challenge

This week I have been keeping up my end and managing to do a little bit each day.

Wednesday - Hexies
Thursday - Hexies
Friday - Cross Stitch
Saturday - Hexies
Sunday - Hexies
Monday - Hexies
Tuesday - Hexies and some crochet

The Hexies are part of the This Goes with That BOM.  I am getting fabric and papers from Hetties and just Fabric from Quilt Fabric Delights and am mixing the two together.  I decided it was time to start joining the hexagons together because as I was joining them with triangles surely 20 hexagons was enough for a small quilt..... NO.  Looks like I need about 100 for a 1m x 1m quilt so I will be stitching for quite some time, it will also mean that I will be putting in quite a few plain hexagons instead of the 4 of 5 that I initially had planned.  Think this will be one of those long term projects lol.  So hexagons will come up regularly over the next few months, not that I am going to be able to do them solidly for too long.

I haven't crocheted since I was kid and I never have followed a pattern, I went to She Sews Sunday the other week at Hetties and the project was a crochet project, I bought a book that caught my eye and it is full of motifs.  I liked this one and set out making it.  I sat down this evening and finished it.  The problem is that english/american patterns call the stitches different things, once Lorraine had explained what the difference was I was fine.  It had a picot stitch which I had never done before but there are plenty of video's on You Tube that show you want to do so mastered that and away I went.  Don't ask me what I am going to do with it because I haven't a clue, maybe I'll get some more wool and make a rug or something.

Head on over to Kate's to see who has met the challenge this week.


Pat said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all your hexies.

Cardygirl said...

Your hexie's look great!

Kate said...

Great week on meeting the challenge goals, 7 out of 7 days! Love the hexies!

thea said...

Your hexies are great. That crocheting is beautiful. Nice week!

libbyquilter said...

hang in there on those hexies, it's going to be a great quilt when finished.

how big is your crocheted piece?
i haven't crocheted in quite a few years but every time i see something i find i want to get back to it . . . just can't quite figure out where to fit it in . . .

congrats on a great week~!


hueisei said...

Loved the hexies...

Shay said...

Hexies rule (but it takes a bajillion of them to finish a project) Love yours !

We can do our long term hexie projects together ...

Beautiful crochet too...Marg tried to teach me when she was here last April but I wasn’t all that good. (Havent touched it since she left ...)

Marg said...

Love hexies, but gee they take a long time!
Love crocheting, unlike Shay!