02 March 2012

Favourite Things Friday

For a long time I have collected Blackbird Designs Quilting books, I think I have just about all of them, there would be a few leaflets that I have missed and maybe one or 2 of the books but I have the majority of them.  Tulip Farm which was a 4 part booklet series has forever been elusive, I remember finding leaflet 3 a couple of years ago but didn't see the sense in just buying that, that would be worse than not having it at all.

On a whim this Christmas I decided to take cross stitch, something that I had never done before.  I had always admired Blackbird Designs Cross Stitch patterns but as it was something that I never had done I was safe from those leaflets and books.  That was until they had a large cross stitch pattern in their latest book and I had to do it because I really needed a change from everything I did last year.  You can see the resulting cushion here if you missed it this week.  

Now I am hooked, already of have quite a collection of patterns.  I am now working on Christmas Garden which is another large project (probably bigger than the first one). Here is the start.   I think this will probably take me most of the year to finish because I am sure other things will come up that I will have to drop it for.  

The next in line will be the Loose Feathers Wall hanging, I am sure once those are finished I will have more things in the pipeline and a few more patterns collected.  

The Stitcher's Journey Book has lots of small projects so I think I few of those will be done in between.  

What I love about cross stitch is the fact that you don't have to mark the fabric to begin just count and away you go.  

So Cross Stitch is my FTF for this week.  Head on over to Mrs P to see what everyone's favorites.   Hopefully I have got it right this week and I won't be playing on my own lol.  


thea said...

I used to love cross stitch .. but it took me too long to finish my projects so I quit.

Shay said...

Your cushion was a wonderful project and looked fabulous Amanda. I really do think you excel at just about everything you try!

I've cross stitched in the past too. I have a few books still but sewing and embroidery have kind of taken over !

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Amanda every time I tried to comment thru the linky it came up as saying there was no such blog which of course I knew was nonsense so I backtracked your comments from last week and here we are.....I love cross stitch and I missed your cushion which is amazing, hooray for you. Its beautiful! I have a drawer full of little kits from the Textile Heritage Collection which I acquired from various trips visiting my grandma in London. I must do some of them!!! I probably didn't need to see your lovely designs but I am going to check them out anyway, there is always another lifetime :-) Looking forward to seeing your progress....no pressure ;-)