19 March 2012

Mixed Media Monday

Here is this weeks project.  I did the background and the outline to the flower last week.  The flower is outlined in a thick line of gesso which needed a while to dry so to be safe I left it a week, I knew if I waited for it to dry last week and started working on it again I would jump straight in before it did dry.

Also made a mistake with the number 3, did it back to front the first time, but it was pretty easy to cover over and do again, great thing about mixed media there are no real mistakes that you can't change and learn from.

I headed to the local library on the weekend they have a second hand book stall permanently open and I picked up 5 old hard back novels for $4 which I am hoping to turn in to art journals over the next few weeks. The cover of the first one is proving to be a bit problematic.  Might take a few layers before I am happy with it.  But then it is all about the journey and experimentation.

1 comment:

Shay said...

I'd be really interested to see what you do with the old books. I may just have to copy you !