16 March 2012

Favourite Thing Friday

I have started reading a book on art journaling, and how to get things started and what sort of things to write etc and the writer says that it may be an emotional journey and basically if you find somewhere down the track that you need "professional" help then get it.  That made me laugh, maybe I should open that particular can of worms.  Regardless in the quiet this morning before the kids, dog and husband have got up I have been thinking about stuff.  

It started with this photo, which is my Favourite Thing Friday.  When my Pop moved into assisted living, we had to go through his house and get rid of all the furniture and stuff that he didn't want.  It amazed me that he didn't want to take anything with him any memories or stuff, he just wanted to get rid of it all.  We made him take a bookshelf for a few photo's.  But it was almost as if he decided that part of his life was gone and he didn't want any memories of it.  So I packed up all the photo's we found and took them home.  Of course I went through and scanned most of them on my computer.  

This one here would have to be my favourite, I can't really pin point why.  Maybe because I can imagine Pop taking it with his Brownie Box Camera (which I still have).  Its kind of a little off skew, just like him and it show my Mum when she was probably the same age as squid.  My Mum had polio when she was young and I wondered whether this was a pre or post polio outing. I think this was probably post because I get the impression that she was quite a bit younger when she as Drs told them that she should take up calisthenics to recover and I have pictures of her in costume when she was much younger than this.  

I then wondered why my grandparents only had one child, then I remembered our difficulties in having children which are now a dim dark memory.  We did not have to go to IVF but I did have to be on fertility treatment etc which would not have been available in those days.

I think this picture is destined for a Mixed Media Piece somewhere down the track or at least a page in my journal when I start following the exercises in the book.  

When DH got up to see what I was doing without the usual tap tap of the computer I told him I was thinking and his reply to that was "F(*&^$ don't do that" and left the room.  He came back about 5 minutes later and said "Have you stopped thinking now?"  

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Nikki said...

Lovely photo! Old family pics are very special.

Lisa said...

Great photo Amanda, thanks for sharing. Your new book sounds really great.
I was at Quilter's Harvest last week and they showed me the first couple of blocks of your quilt - it is looking good! Once they've got it together I'll take a pic and send it to you. It has a bit of everything in it doesn't it. You are a clever gal!

Shay said...

I love old photos and my family is notorious for throwing them out.

What a great idea to use this piece in an art piece.

Thanks for sharing some your special thoughts about this picture and the story behind it.

(Mr. P hates it when I think about things too)

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful photo! Old photos can elicit memories of a much different and sometimes calmer time. LOL about you husband wanting you to stop thinking. Aren't hubbies just so cute.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I have been going thru old photos too this week and asking my mum more questions about her mum and dad. I've really been enjoying seeing the photos and learning their history. Men....often open their mouths before
Thinking themselves, maybe they should do some of this 'thinking' :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

A wonderful photo Amanda. Great family history and I love the idea of an Art Journal. I love journals of all kinds and it really is a refuge when you need a pick me up or forget just how unique you are. I look forward to hearing more about your progress.