13 March 2012

Not Mixed Media Monday

Ok so the second week was not so much of a success.  Well it was but I have been a bit under the weather the last 2 3 days with a sinus infection, which brought on a migraine  but now I just have that wonderful pain round one eye ball that hurts when you bend down and try to do anything that isn't completely upright.  So I am 24 hours late.  This morning I have tried sinus irrigation which I only bring out at last resort before heading to the Dr for antibiotics (so it is second last resort).

Even though I was unwell we still managed to slot in a trip to the City yesterday as Adelaide has come into the 21st century and allowed trading (only in the city) on Public Holidays.  The politicians are still arguing about it,  (in the Mall yesterday) but the people obviously want it the shops didn't open till 11am but I still got the last free park in the city at 10.15.  Because the Fringe is on and all the other Mad March stuff there was plenty of entertainment to be had.  Lots of music and performers a great atmosphere (if you look very closely in the picture there is a women on zebra legs walking around).

The weather was glorious yesterday, we stayed in the city for a couple of hours then came home and headed to the beach there was a slight breeze to take the heat out of the sun and it was a lovely afternoon.

Back to Mixed Media, I did start the first project from this months kit.  At first mine wasn't looking too much like the sample,  I put it down to the lack of photo's in the first part of the instructions due to technical glitch.   But in the end I wasn't too upset with the outcome, the one thing with Mixed Media is that you seem to be able to cover up your mistakes with additional layers.  I decided to let Squid have a go and she was impatient when you had to wait for the paint dry so it ended up being a bit of a trying experience for both of us.  Hers is still a work in progress but we had an hour or so of sort of fun.


Shay said...

Wasnt Monday's weather glorious? I avoided the mall because I knew it would be busy. Lets hope they sort out our stupid shopping hours once and for all.

Love the mixed media project.

Rustic Tarts said...

We were in the Mall too, but it was late in the afternoon. Didn't find the free parking but was happy to only pay $6 for a change. There were some very interesting sights!!!!