16 October 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Here's a sneak peak at a little something I have been working on.

More pattern writing is also happening, I really need to finish some of that pattern writing but I am procrastinating.  I should have just bitten the bullet and got it all over and done with but it is progressing and that is the main thing.

I have taken on another commission, this one from my sister just a couple of throws and a few cushion covers should be able to slot that in somewhere.  I spent a fair bit of today scouring the internet for fabric to show her as she is in QLD.

The week went like this:

Wednesday: Secret squirrel project
Thursday: Secret Squirrel project
Friday: Nada - hit by migraine
Saturday: Nada
Sunday: Prototype of secret squirrel project/ sketching embroidery/Pattern writing
Monday: embroidery
Tuesday: more embroidery/pattern writing.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else kept up with the challenge this week.


Shay said...

Ooooh the sneak peek looks wonderful. Glad to hear the pattern writing is progressing too.

Kate said...

The sneak peak looks very intriguing! Hope you can show more soon. Sorry about the migraine, those can put a real hitch in any stitching project. Hope you've recovered completely. Good luck with your pattern writing, wishing you a speedy completion so you can play some more.