25 October 2012

What A Week

My son had a Karate grading on the weekend which he passed (he is now a blue belt), he was asked by the powers that be to come out for State Training, he is apparently pretty good at the fighting bit.  I think my hubby was thinking about it all the way home, and when he told me I just said NO, especially after the fact my son's ankle failed (footy injury that has come back to bite him) during the grading and and has resulted in a Dr's visit and now ongoing physio.

Hubby says if he gives up footy maybe he can do Karate, I just told him that Maestro giving up footy is just not an option he will continue to just want to do it all.  The 3 hours of training on a Sunday night is also a major deciding factor, it is already hard to drag him to school after any major sports activities on the weekend, this Monday included and the 6pm to 9pm training on a Sunday night is just not attractive in any way shape or form.

At the moment I have warded off the extra Karate lesson once a week.  I think DH hasn't pressed it because I have as little to do with Karate as possible and it will be up to him to do the running around for yet another lesson each week.   I can't say I have ever liked Maestro doing Karate and have left it as something that the boys do and organise together.

I am feeling much better, though my knee and arm still hurt but at least today I am home and can keep moving around, yesterday was torture sitting at my desk at work.  Another visit to the Chiro tonight to straighten things out and I fingers crossed that little episode will be put to rest.

More exciting new on the quilting front,  I am all booked in for a couple of classes with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession and Wendy Williams in the first week in November at Hetties.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be going and I will probably have to start looking in my stash on the weekend to get my stuff all together.

I have also signed up for Material Obsessions Fabric Club, you all know I need more fabric,  and I got my first package today.   I think I will put this away to use for my next Sue Daley Quilt which will be Square Dance once I finish Lancaster which I must get back to soon.

I am loving all the talk of the Aussies heading to Houston I will have to live vicariously through them, because a trip to Houston I don't think will be coming my way any time soon.


thea said...

we never dealt with Karate .. it was hard enough with baseball, football, volleyball, water polo ...

libbyquilter said...

don't we ALL need more fabric~!?


Shay said...

Who organises any kind of training involving kids for a Sunday night. That's completely insane!

At one point we had netball, violin, and swimming and that nearly killed me.

Kate said...

We finally have DT down to just one sport, plus Math Counts and Battle of the Books. That is doable for all of us, including DT. Once upon at time (when Power Rangers was her absolute favorie TV show, she wanted to take Karate. Never happened.)

Beautiful fabric. I agree with Libby, we all need more fabric.

Hope you continue to feel better. Is the soreness from that fall last week?