21 October 2012

Its a Finish

I'm having a breather.  I have just sent off one of my upcoming deadlines with much relief that it is all done.  I have another version of my little project which I will go out and put the finishing touches too this afternoon.  Here's a sneak peak.  Got so say I am falling for this little range it is just so feminine and has a few abstract prints to go with this stylish panel.  If you think you like the look too head on over to Sarah's she has quite a bit of the range.

The summer tennis season has started for the kids and Squid is starting to play her first season.  She doesn't have the boundless energy or drive to compete that my son does but she is doing quite well in the first 2 weeks fingers cross she will continue to enjoy it.  I worked it out and we are at the tennis club 4 times a week now, I am so glad it is 2 minutes down the road and once the season gets in full swing I will be able to have a couple of hours sewing time while I watch training.

Our house is decidedly tired and has been in need of reroofing for over 10 years and we keep putting it off, this week I took the first steps in getting quotes for reproofing.  Hubby has been telling me the price he thought it would be for a couple of years and I assumed it would be double what he said.  Thankfully the first quote was in my hubby's ball park figure, and hubby really liked the guy who answered all his questions (he alway has a lot) and had a lot of local knowledge about the kind of condition the roof was in without even looking at it.

DH has told me I still need to get  couple of more quotes, though I am inclined to just go with this guy because he did a job around the corner from us and it was completed within a few days and the house looks amazing and more importantly DH liked him.   Oh well a couple of phone calls this week and I think we will bite the bullet.  


Kate said...

Ooh, so pretty! Love your sneak peak!

Good luck getting a good guy for the roof job.

Shay said...

Mr. P was up on our roof a fortnight ago and came down muttering something about re-roofing. I ignored him because honestly I know it's going to cost a fortune...

If you choose this guy and his price is good can you fling his name my way?