30 October 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I have been steadily stitching this week and cutting, and cutting and cutting.  I'm preparing for my Kathy Doughty class on the weekend and another on Tuesday and a Wendy Williams class on Wednesday. Do you think I will be all classed out by then.

The weekend class with Kathy calls for a wide selection of 2 1/2"strips from the fabric stash, I read the book and it calls for 24 different fabrics of each colour way.  It has been an interesting study of my stash to say the least.  I ended up not trying for purple I just couldn't stretch to 24, green was a problem too not lime/light green but true green, I found enough in the end and red was a problem as well.  Pink, and blue were no problem at all and yellow turned out to be easy as did orange which really surprised me.  Some of the colours I managed to get more than 24 which is a good thing so I will be able to audition the fabrics which I think is the whole point of the exercise.

It was fun to reach back into the back of the stash and find some treasures, and there was plenty of fabric that I bought a couple of metres of which for the life I cant remember why, I'm sure there was a reason once upon a time but its gone now.

Squid's has decided she likes the look of the pile and has claimed the quilt for her own so I guess I will have to make sure I finish it might be a good birthday present in January for her.

At the moment I haven't even thought about Wendy Williams class but I am sure I can pull together a stash of stuff on Tuesday night for it or there is always the shop as I haven't bought anything for Kathy's Quilt...if it comes from the stash its free isn't it?

Thursday saw me waiting for a tradie that never showed for a quote for the roof, when I rang I got the feeling he was a floater, I'm glad he didn't turn up.  I rang another guy today and he sounded more professional so fingers crossed he will turn up (I don't have to be here they can quote using google maps from the birdseye view) he just has to drive by to check the battens.

Better get back to the run down.

Wednesday: embroidery
Thursday: another embroidery sketch
Friday: embroidery
Saturday:embroidery, cutting strips
Sunday: more cutting strips, embroidery
Monday: embroidery, more strips
Tuesday: embroidery, more strips.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge.


Kate said...

That is a pretty stack of strips. I don't blame Squid for laying claim.

You had a great week. Hope your knee is feeling better so you can really enjoy your classes next week.

thea said...

That's a lot of cutting. Great week.

libbyquilter said...

what a great week YOU had~!
with lots to show for it too.
have fun at the classes.


lesleyworth said...

fantastic week! enjoy your classes!