30 October 2012


Coco has been on the raw food diet for a week.  I met with the pet Naturopath yesterday just to see what supplements we should try to help her allergies.

Coco has taken to her new diet with gusto and she hasn't turned up her nose at anything so far.  I was told to give her one vegetable meal and one meat meal, add a few other ingredients including sardines a couple of times a week to boost her immune system and a couple of supplement thrown in daily for a month to get her skin in top condition.  My blender is getting a work out.

I have found with just the raw food and stopping the dry food she is not scratching so much or biting her feet to get relief.  We have even been able to go for walks which I have avoided recently because it just make her allergies worse (we don't have grass in the backyard but the grasses in the street was setting everything off).

If you want to read more about BARF head here.  There are a number of locations throughout Australia where you can get the prepackaged BARF patties ready made for you.

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