26 April 2013

Favourite Things Friday

Mrs P is putting FTF to bed so this will be the last FTF.  It was a great idea not that I have been too regular of late but I thought I would take the opportunity to participate for the last time.

I've decided to have a couple of favourite things this week to make up for my lack of blogging lately.

Today it was just Squid and me, Maestro decided to stay at Nan's for most of the day and Squid was in a good mood probably because her big brother was away.  A day with Squid when she is in a good mood is my first favourite of the day.

We had a few errands to run, and I bribed her with lunch at the House Cafe down the road.  She had their folded pancake which are stuffed full of berries with a side serving of ice cream and a strawberry milkshake.  With a belly full we set out on Mum's errands.

First of all was a car full of boxes to pack up the kitchen she liked throwing them in the back of the car.  Then it was paint purchases.  We then headed to the Miele Demonstration Shop to check out the free cooking lessons I get with my new Oven/cooktop.  That leads me to FTF 2 it all arrived today.

We then went to Ikea at Squids request and there was a balloon artist there and we waiting about 1/2 hour for one of her creations (another bribe).  I kind of wanted to go to Ikea to look for some in draw storage dividers so I was happy to go.  Though Squid have me buy her a couple of things that she needed to deck out her cubby house Outdoor Cafe.

FTF3 are these.  I found these at Suzy Hausfrau  last year and I decided I needed a few more in other sizes.  They are just so lovely to use so much better than the old metal ones I used as a kid.  I also started working on a hat last night, I don't think I quite followed the pattern properly so it might be interesting.  But it is growing quite quickly.  Squids put in an order for a hat, I told her to wait and see how this one turns out first.

Head on over to Mrs P's to check out everyone else's favourites this week for the last time.  


thea said...

A great bunch of favorites -- you can't drag me to ikea in the middle of the day, it's so crazy busy. Love the crochet hooks, super fancy!

Shay said...

A happy kid is worth celebrating. Sounds like you both had a really great day together.

Fancy schmancy oven there Madam. That kitchen of yours is really moving along !

Im thinking about making a large wool throw rug this year so I might have to see if I can get some over sized wood knitting needles to do it.

Lovely favourites Amanda.

Sue SA said...

Sounds like happy day all round! Just had a peek at your kitchen reno, the plans sound great! I love love cork and as someone with tiles, would advise you to keep them! DH is right, they are comfortable...tiles give me back pain when I stand for ages baking and in the morning when I am in my PJ's they are cold on your feet. Plus unforgiving if you drop something, which is usually me, the kids are fine, just I break stuff!
Kitchen renovations are painful but so worth it.

Leanne said...

Nothing like a day with the girl. I'm knitting beanies at the moment every time I finish one another member of the family want one. I have some wool coming to knit myself a hat.

Kate said...

Girls days with daughters are really great FTFs. Sounds you got lots done and had fun doing it.