03 April 2013

15 Minute Challenge

What a week we had last week Maestro was off school for the whole week with a throat infection, he is still on antibiotics but is pretty much over the worst of it.  He is going on school camp next week fingers crossed he doesn't have a relapse while he is away.

The Kitchen reno is going full steam ahead and we have a date for when they will start.  Lots of yucky jobs to do before that though like removing all the wallpaper from the walls (something I have wanted to do since we moved in nothing like waiting 15 years).  I bought all my appliances yesterday... that was fun can't wait for new oven/cooktop.

My back has improved some more though it is still painful at night, but during the day I don't have any pain and I even went for a long walk with the dog yesterday.

I have managed the 15 minutes quite well this week mainly because of the crocheting which I have been doing for at least an hour each night.  Its nearly finished well I have just about run out of wool so it is nearly as big as it is going to get.

I got out my mixed media kit and got a bit messy, Squid joined me which meant I had to clean up twice because she decided to come back and do some more after I'd cleaned her workstation up but she had fun.

I have finished another starburst block and cut out another couple to join the 12 blocks cut.  I want the quilt to fit on my queensized bed so I have enlarged the background template by an inch each side so the blocks will be 22" finished instead of 20".

The breakdown goes like this:
Wednesday: crochet
Thursday: crochet
Friday: crochet:
Saturday: starburst/crochet
Sunday Mixed Media
Monday: Crochet
Tuesday: Crochet - great to do while waiting for footy practice to finish.

Head on over to Kate's to see how everyone went.


make.share.give said...

Sounds like a busy week. You have some pretty projects going on.

Pip said...

Your starburst block is looking good, they are quite a large block aren't they. Nothing like buying new kitchen appliances but the wait to have them installed is excruciating :)

Shay said...

Glad to hear that the unwell people in your house are starting to feel a bit better. Your poor back!

Looks like you’ve been doing a LOT of crochet each night. I’ve just been blobbing on the lounge . Too cold to work in my sewing room at night these days .

Exciting times at the Seabreeze house. New kitchen – new appliances, and the thought of being finally rid of that wallpaper. Cant wait to see the before and afters!

Kate said...

For some reason this year was a bad one for DT. She missed a lot of school and volleyball practices with the flu and the following respiratory stuff. Hope Maestro continues to improve. He's not had a fun year on the health front either.

Great week on the crafting front! Love your crochet project, very colorful!