10 April 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I can't say that I have been over productive this week.  We did stripped wallpaper in the kitchen on the weekend, luckily not all of the room had to be done just the bit that was not going to be covered by wall to ceiling cupboards but it did involve getting round all three door ways which was not fun.  We got the hang of it in the end.  I assure you the pores are all clean from all the steam as well an added bonus. At least today my calves have stopped hurting from climbing up and down the ladder.  I am still unsure of the colour I am going to paint the walls now was going for an off white but I don't know anymore.  First we have to plug a few holes and prep the walls so I have a week or two to decide.

Maestro is on camp at the moment he is due back today. What a roller coaster that has been, he wasn't going then he was happy to go up until the weekend then he didn't want to go again.  Just hope he has had a reasonable time.  He played a trial game of footy on the weekend and managed to sprain his thumb so I doubt he would have been doing any obstacle courses or whatever it is they are doing on this camp.  We are still waiting to hear on the High School program I keep thinking the letter will arrive and it hasn't maybe today the suspense is killing me.

The crochet is nearly finished I am working on the edge stitching, I got the pattern from Attic24 great site for all things crochet and lots of lovely pictures of english countryside.  Will post pictures of it all done.     Yesterday I picked up some fabric for the next online event, lovely Kate Spain range.

I purchased a bike late last week... I will be overcoming my fear of riding on the road, but thought it would be a good way of upping my exercise and I can always just ride along the beach bike track.  It is a repro Vintage Bike will post pictures when it arrives.  I plan to make a matching Pannier from Lisa Lam's book a Bag for All Reasons.  Have purchased the oil cloth all ready to go just a few more supplies are needed and I can get going... mostly I need the bike to go with it.

The week went like this:

Wednesday: Crochet
Thursday: Nadda
Friday: Crochet
Saturday: Nadda
Sunday: Starburst blocks / mixed media
Monday Nadda
Tuesday: Crochet

Real mixed bag of something and nothing this week but on the days I did do something I did more than 15minutes so it kind of makes up for it.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge.


Pip said...

Pick quiet times to ride on the road, there are a reasonable amount of bike lanes out your way (I think)
Bicycle SA run paid courses

thea said...

I keep talking about getting a bike .. maybe some day soon. After we get them, we'll probably put them on the car and drive to bike paths.

Not a bad week craftiness wise - more days doing than not.

Hope you decide on what to do with the walls.

Shay said...

Im seriously impressed that you bought a bike.
Are the lovely bright fabrics in your picture from Kate Spain? I love them!

Considering the wall paper stripping (ugh – one of the worst jobs ever ) I think you had a pretty good week.

And I hope that letter arrives today bearing great news.

Kate said...

Getting the wallpaper off in the kitchen is pretty productive. It's hard to sew when you've to home stuff going on. Not a bad week, more crafting than not.

Hope that Maestro's good news letter arrives soon. Have fun with the bike, hope you get a chance to ride soon.

Leanne said...

Has said bike been named yet.