23 March 2015

A Day Off and some Major Stitching and Planning

The majority of sewing that I have done over the last couple of months has been for Seabreeze Quilt but there have been a few projects that I have been storing up of other peoples patterns that I really wanted to try.  At the beginning of the year I told the boss I wanted an extra day off in March and I planned to just sew.

Last week Maestro drops the news that he has a pupil free day on the day I chose to have off I wasn't happy to say the least, but Thursday I had a brainwave and asked him if he wanted to go to the pictures with a mate.  As I knew he would Maestro turned 2 hours into 4 hours at the shops/movies so I got my sewing time back.

I planned to start Metro Rings.  I saw a scrappy version on Pinterest which was the look I was after.  I think my version is even scrappier than the one I saw.

I headed to my MO Stash and then pulled some more fabric from the main stash, I have another pile of strip sets to cut which should allow me to add another row to the quilt in the pattern.  I've also been keeping the offcuts from the front of the strip sets which are all uniform which I plan to try and do either some kind of border or back art.

2 Weeks ago Squid had an interview with the High School to try and get into their Gifted Art Program, we found out on Thursday that she got a place.


Valerie Reynolds said...

Sooo glad you got your day of sewing...I'm working on a metro ring made from all dotty fabric! It's fun but slow sewing for me...I love this solid for the background color though!

Kate said...

Glad that you were able to work in your day of sewing. Love the bright colors you are using.

Pip said...

Love how your scrappy Metro Rings is evolving, you will be able to do some lovely quilting on it when it is finished as there is lots of space between the rings.