13 March 2015

Where do you get your inspiration from

I buy less magazines these days, its more because I lack the space to store them.  I am collecting the Homespun BOM but I have decided to tear out the pattern once I've read the mag and put it in recycling and I am buying less books though there are a few that I would love to own.

My biggest inspiration at the moment is Pinterest, I have to admit to spending quite a bit of time lately pinning this a that.  I've been concentrating on Blocks, Samplers, New York Beauty Patterns and Curved Patterns.  I also pick pins for colour combinations as well as patterns.  I also love flowers so I have a board dedicated to those as well.. you never know where embroidery inspiration may come from.

Follow Seabreeze Quilts's board block love on Pinterest.
Follow Seabreeze Quilts's board Fun with curves on Pinterest. 
Follow Seabreeze Quilts's board New York Beauty and other paper pieced quilts on Pinterest.

I found the perfect look for Metro Rings on Pinterest it was very scrappy and I knew that was the look I was after, the picture teamed it with white background but I think I've had enough white background quilts for a while and it really isn't practical so I chose a soft grey.  Really hoping to get some sewing time this weekend that isn't class related.

The Skill Builder Class started this week, and the 3 of the 4 girls from my beginners class have finished their quilts.  I have decided to do a quick run down on binding the quilt in the last lesson of the Skill Builder Class as we really don't have time to do binding in the 5 week class as they just get the quilt basted and maybe start quilting and binding is one of those things that you really have to do to get it in your head.  

I'm about to enter the final week of the IQS detox.  Its been interesting, I haven't craved and haven't really caved in.  Some of the recipes I've not had time to try and so they will just go in the recipe bank sometimes the ingredients were a bit hard to get.   I've tried a  few Paleo recipes, a few gluten free recipes just to see what its like I don't think I will be going down either of those paths but the recipes that taste ok will be going in the bank.  I had a couple of pieces of dark chocolate last night (90% kind) which has the least sugar,  that normally would have been enough to start a binge but I didn't, 2 squares was enough and I didn't think of it again till now.

Will put together the conclusion of the Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler and share over the weekend.  but now I'm off to watch a DVD and do some hand quilting.

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Kate said...

I get my inspiration from all of the above and from other bloggers. Hope you get in some stitching time this weekend.