05 March 2015

Sometimes Others Conspire and you end up looking like an Idiot

The others being DH.  The TV was doing a few odd things this morning, I mentioned to DH that maybe it needed to be turned off completely instead of just by the remote  (which is the only option for out TV).  He must have listened for once and turned it off at the plug, left for work.

Maestro is home sick today, he's close to deaths door as you know males tend to be, and he was complaining that the TV wouldn't work by the remote or the override switch at the back.  Changed batteries did all that unplugged what I thought was the cord plugged it back in, unplugged the cord from the back of the tv still no go.

Next step ring Harvey Normans, then Samsung.  Got through quickly gave my name, etc, went through what I had done.  Then he said try another plug so followed the plug to the powerpoint at the other side of the TV and discovered that I was an IDOT because DH hadn't turned the plug back on.    Great start to the day.

So there has been more retail therapy today, of the book variety.  Yesterday I picked up a couple of pieces of fabric that I am itching to cut, however I am working on another quilt at the moment, which was going to be another beginners quilt but I think I have scrapped that idea.  So it may just be used as an alternative if some of my beginners from the last 2 classes want a refresh course in the future so I can offer them something a little different and still cover the same basics for newbies.

My Beginners Class is finished for this term.  We basted 8 quilts, and one student has already posted a photo of her finished quilt on my Facebook page.  If you have done one of classes please do the same or if you aren't on Facebook email me a photo.

Next week begins the Skill Builder Class which is 4 weeks of learning a few more techniques.  There is one spot left so if you have done my Beginners Class or are not a completely raw beginner contact (you need to be able to do a perfect ¼ seam at the very least and know how to put a quilt together by yourself) Patchwork by Sea.  In this class we will be making blocks only and I will give you the details to finish the quilt just like mine in the final class as well as some alternatives you might like to try.  

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Kate said...

I hate it when My Guy does something like that. At least it didn't result in a big repair bill before you found the problem.