11 January 2008

Big Clean Up

I made a start today cleaning up my sewing room. I am going to get rid of an old kitchen cabinet because it just isn't practical any more. I need more book storage because my craft books are just out of control. So the cabinet is now empty but I am going to have to move all the stuff out of the way and take all my dolls off the top of the cupboard to get the old cabinet out and the new (old) cabinets in there. The new cupboards are display cabinets that we had in the lounge which I have tried to sell a couple of times but no one is interested and I was going to buy book shelves but these will work just as well and I still have hidden storage down the bottom.

While I was emptying it out I found these cotton reels that I got from my Pop's house when we sold his house after moving into a nursing home. I wondered what had happened to them. I also found Nan's old needle threader which is just like the clover ones that are out now but mine is over 40 years old.

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