06 July 2009

School Holidays Yippy

Two weeks where I don't have to rush to be out the door at 8.30 what bliss. This morning I stayed in bed a little longer and the kids even managed to sleep in to after 7am, then they came into bed with me for a half hour and we didn't have a fight because it was just tooo cold this morning so they were happy to snuggle up. I was able to start a new book (which I was trying to keep until Loxton but what are you going to do when you have time on your hands).

I had planned to take them to St Kilda Playground but no 1 son has a awful cough at the moment and as it is pretty cold today I decided to see what was on at the pictures (pretty slim pickings at the moment I might add). But he was happy to see Ice Age 3 which is the only thing my daughter wanted to see apart from Hanna Montana (which I wasn't up to today) so off we went for the 1o am session and they really enjoyed it and so did I.

I am starting to look forward to Loxton trip but haven't really done anything about packing yet just making mental lists.

We are off to Womens and Children's Hospital tomorrow, my daughter has to have a renal ultrasound (which she has every year as she was born with kidney reflux) and then I think we will head to the zoo as we are in town. I think we should get our zoo visit in now because once the Panda's are here later in the year we won't be able to get near the place.

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Leanne said...

I love the zoo. See you Saturday.