02 July 2009

Tail Feathers

Here are my first two blocks of Tail Feathers. I purchased threads today which I thought I did a pretty good job at as I did it from memory of my fabrics. Yes I got more than were needed but I thought that I would mix it up a bit. And yes I have made a mistake in the placement of two of the blocks and no I am not going to redo it, so we will just say it is a design feature of my quilt and I will reverse the bird on the second block so that they are looking at each other and it won't matter. I used the transfer for the second block as I couldn't be bothered tracing it and I will probably get these done on my trip to Loxton which is fast approaching..Next week UGHHH.

I did some stash shopping today and pulled some Pat Sloan fabrics for Natalie's project and bought some yummy fabrics from Hetties for Anni's project so I think I am ok project wise just have to think about clothes and comfort food to take and we should be set.


Rustic Tarts said...

I love the colours and fabrics you have chosen Amanda.

Sue said...

Your blocks look fantastic!!!
I reckon Chocolate and Wine need to on the list!!
Cheers S

Gail said...

it looks great, have a great weekend at Loxton!!