07 July 2009

We're All Going to the Zoo Today Zoo Today

As we had to head to town this morning early for an ultrasound for my daughter at WCH in my infinite wisdom decided to take the kids to the zoo. The only problem being said DD who has been in a fantastic mood for over a week has decided today to be a little unwell and in the foulest and blackest mood that she has been in for weeks. We survived thanks to an escaped chicken who took her mind off it when I was starting to get desperate around lunch time. For some reason she was obsessed with seeing the chickens, and this one appearing in the garden where we were sitting eating lunch, happy to have vegimite sandwiches and this took all of her thoughts of going home away. So we got another hour in.

The Zoo is a bit of a mess at the moment with all the work going on for the Panda enclosure but we did see the new Environment Centre which is very interactive and the kids quite enjoyed that. I loved the sea horses and they would have stayed for ages looking in the river ecosystem and trying to find the cat fish. These new bits make a lot of the zoo look really dated but hopefully soon all of the exhibits will look more natural.

I had a first today as well, in all the years of going to the zoo I have never seen the American Beaver, they were never out when I was there but today I saw not one but two of the critters.

The new Panda enclosure is going to be huge and I think I will wait until the hysteria dies down before we head back to the zoo to see them maybe this time next year we might be able to get in to see them.

I thought I would leave you with a few monkey pictures and one of my favourite animals at the zoo the pink flamingo.

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Leanne said...

Great snaps lovely lighting. I love the zoo.