24 July 2010

Discovering the Hidden Stash

Thursday was all planned quilt for 2 hours then start working on QFD August project.  The 2 hours of quilting work out well and there has been another hour since, so only one and a bit borders of the quilt to go yeah.

But the project hasn't had any headway.  For months I have been struggling with the mess that is the sewing room, I have probably complained a bit on the blog.  Tripping over boxes of projects and added stash I wouldn't know what is there and there is heaps of it.  So in inspired by Cabbage Quilts I have set about ordering my stash.

For years the stash has sort of been stored in tubs which at the beginning looked nice and neat from the outside until the tubs got filled and they ended just being stuffed in any which way and then it all sort of spilled out onto the floor space.  So the tubs have got to go.  I have done two shelves the plan is to have a RED, BLUE and YELLOW shelf.

I have managed to get 2 of the tubs from the floor into the shelves already so apart from the fact I have a gazillion empty tubs now I feel it is coming together and I might even get my whole stash in one cupboard (fingers crossed).  I will have to try and avoid keeping ranges together which has been my downfall in the past.  Pat Sloan fabric is going to go into the main stash as well as Laurel Burch.

As I was going through the bits I discovered so much fabric that I forgot I had.  When I first started quilting I only bought small amounts so there are heaps of Fat Eights which I wouldn't even consider now but they will be great for applique or scrap quilts.

I have a few more hours of folding and ironing to go but I think I will get back to loving the sewing room and I will probably have a pile of giveaway fabrics on the floor (I have already filled one tub with those.  So stay tuned.


Lorraine said...

when I moved in to this house I got rid of all the tubs and put the fabric in a cupboard (ok it was a big cupboard!)...and I now have quite a few empty tubs!! and the fabric is easier to find!

Leanne said...

When your finish your sewing room feel free to pop down here while I am away and do mine LOL.

Anca Pandrea said...

Wow, your stash looks great! Love it!