17 July 2010

Quilting Quilting Quilting

Still wasn't feeling the best yesterday, so apart from a trip to the shops for a birthday pressie for a party Squid will go to tomorrow that was pretty much it for me and I headed to the sewing room for some quiet time with the quilt.

Two weeks ago I ended up unpicking half a border of quilting as it was looking the way it should in my head.  I was doing the bees free hand and trying to keep it all continuous and they just weren't working out.  I decided to try freezer paper templates to keep the shapes, though not uniform more or less looking like my bees... and it is working. Although I am not too bothered if my shape isn't exactly like the freezer paper template they are all looking like bees.  The freezer paper is good for a couple of goes.  I started out with six templates and they lasted about 4 times before I had to start again.  Now I have ten going so that should last me most of the borders.  I managed to complete the top left hand corner half way across and down.  Finally the end is in sight.

My machine has been a bit clunky and the tension hasn't been holding, I noticed at a bobbin change that there was some fluffy in the bobbin area.  I debated about doing a quick clean or doing the full works and jerks for a couple of seconds... I only had half and hour before I had to go and pick the kids up from Nan's... Oh just do it properly... won out.  This is what I found when I lifted the throat plate, glad I popped the lid for a looksee.

A couple of minutes to clean this out and a good oil around the bobbin case and I was good to go.  It sounds like it has just been serviced, nice and quiet again and the tension is staying where it is put.  

Yesterday was also a fantastic mail day.  Got my beret pattern from Nikki  and my order of all the Cosmo thread in their collection from Crabapple Hill Studio, 91 in all.  So although today I still feel blah there is lots to be excited about if I can raise the energy.


Rustic Tarts said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the beret pattern, I love berets and it looks so good I have ordered one as well.
I bet all those threads look lovely all together.

Lorraine said...

HOpe you are feeling better.....I have looked at the full collection of Cosmo threads but have resisted the temptation and bought a few of the colours.....fabulous stuff to work with!