13 August 2012

Amazing Sue Daley Workshop and Trunk Show

Had a great weekend just gone.  It started with Sue Daley Trunk Show on Friday night.  Listing to Sue talk was really quite inspiring.  I think she has a bit of the energiser bunny about her and her boundless energy and hard work have built her a fantastic brand and she really is an amazing quilter who has thought outside the square to make an old fashion technique into a quick achievable projects.

Sunday was amazing as well and learning all the secrets of clamshells and apple cores where we all just had the light bulbs turned on all at once and it was one of those AHAH moments.  Both techniques super easy with amazing results.

I have to admit I wasn't going to buy Sue's book until the trunk show, I had flipped through it and thought I don't know if I want to make these quilts, until I saw them in the flesh they are all very beautiful even if the colours aren't my thing, I now have about 3 more favourites that are on the wish list plus a couple more of her quilts that aren't in the book which I am going to tackle.

I looked at the clam shells in Lancaster at first and I decided I wouldn't be doing that one, then I thought about it a bit more on the way home on Friday night and by the morning I had decided I was going to get the pattern and buy the fabric to make a start.  Luckily I got there early on Sunday because there was only a couple of the kits left.  And I picked Vintage Summer as my starter pack.  I have quite a few red and blue prints in the stash including a jelly roll of another range which I am planning on using.   Might have to shop for lights but if I am honest I can probably find plenty in the stash.

The hexagon in the picture was all I achieved yesterday, I had a headache yesterday and just couldn't get into sewing hexagons, should have moved on to the clams I think but I loved both projects and a few other little items that Sue had there so I think I have enough to go on with, but for now I will see a lot of dresdan fan's in my future and they are all paper pieced so I will be polishing my paper piecing skills.


Sue said...

It was a great day .... I really enjoyed it .... just wished I was feeling a bit better but was happy with what I learned and have gotten a couple more rows of clamshells done. Was also great to catch up with the girls. mmmmm as per usual Amanda you seem to have a lot on the todo list!!! Good Luck!! Lol! Good luck with the dresdens too look forward to an update. Cheers S

Leanne said...

I am sorry I missed it. I do love EPP.

FloS said...

After reading your post I can't wait to go to the same workshop with Sue Daley that will be in Switzerland in the beginning of September !!!! I'm very excited !!!