20 February 2014


Today marks the day when I have been motherless longer than I had my Mum.  23 years ago yesterday she passed away, and as I turned 46 last week I count it as another milestone so now I have been more without a mum than with one.

I don't  ache anymore for what I have lost but I do try and imagine for a while sometimes what it would have been like if she had still been here and been a part of her grandchildren's lives.   And I know she would have been a very big part of their lives if she was still here and I am sad that they have missed out on that.

On a lighter note, here is another of my birthday pressies.  Its a nice big big cup about 1/2 a litre worth.  I don't think for one minute that my blog is the sole reason why I exist that would be very sad indeed.  But it is a bit of fun.  The photo art was done using PopAGraph it is a new app to add some fun to your pictures.  I haven't worked it all out yet, I am sure you will see some more in the coming weeks.  I'll keep trying a see if it's worth purchasing the full version.

Haven't done any more sewing this week, fingers crossed for the weekend, but I did go and buy some more paint brushes and a new paint pallet to mix my colours... so I am hoping to finish another lesson for Lifebook soon.


Shay said...

Im sure your Mum would have adored being grandmother to Squid and Maestro. She is somewhere watching the fabulous job you're doing and the amazing kids they have become. But that isn't the same as having her here sharing your day to day life. Im sending you a hug because it sounds like you need one.

I'm just downloading PopAGraph too...thanks for the recommendation.

Cardygirl said...

Thinking of you.

Leanne said...

Sending a hug. I am sure she would have enjoyed them as much as they would have enjoyed her.
She would be proud at what a great job you have done as a mother.

Kate said...

I think Shay has the right of it, your Mum is somewhere watching over all of you. But that's not here, so that's not much comfort sometimes.

Love the coffee cup and the fun graphics.