13 September 2014

Are you ready?

I've just been putting the finishing touches on the first lot of instructions for the Choccy Sampler.  It was a good job that I got the first lot of instructions done last week and I only had to edit today as I have had a virus all week and been really under the weather.

The virus also managed to bring on a migraine, and DH had to try and get me into the Drs for a maxalon injection which are ever so enjoyable but at least it made me sleep most of Wednesday.  Although I still have a head cold I feel 100% better and managed a good long walk this morning in the sunshine  which did me a world of good.

Back to the Sampler I've finished 5 blocks and they are looking pretty georgious so I can wait to share them with you over the coming months.  I'm hoping to do another later today.   On a couple of the blocks I've used some Pat Sloan fabric from her very first fabric range which has been in my stash for just so long.  I decided to use it not knowing it was the last piece but it just looks wonderful in the blocks so I'm glad it will end up in this quilt.

I'll schedule the post to come up just after midnight on Sunday, so fingers crossed it all works.

Last week Coco and I walked along Linear Park from my MIL house, we didn't quite get to the beach as I was getting sunburnt but it was a beautiful day and there was a bit of different bird life to see.


Leanne said...

Glad your feeling better I always enjoy that walk with all the bird life.

Shay said...

Im sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather Amanda. Migraines and viruses suck !

I’m so looking forward to starting the sampler project! Bring on this week. I guess I’d better start thinking fabrics !