09 December 2017

1 More Road to Go and 3 More Days of School for the year ... not that I am counting

I'm gradually filling in the rows for this quilt, there is one more appliqué row to design.  I'll make a start on the stitching during the Xmas break.   I'm looking forward to starting on a big project.  I have a couple of quilts that need quilting so they will be on the agenda as well, might have to see if a can squeeze getting my machine serviced in the next couple of weeks don't like my chances though.

Mo had a big week last week with her final presentation scheduled for last Friday.  I couldn't be there as my boss was on holiday and I don't know if that made a difference but she had a major panic attack just before they were due to head to the school.  My husband was wondering if he should ring  and just say she was too sick to go ahead, but she pulled herself together and managed a flawless presentation.  It amazes me that she can do that, just suck it up and pull herself together like that and put on her poker face and get it done.

The sea and the sky were a beautiful blue today the picture doesn't do it justice. It was a great day for a walk though Coco didn't agree, she was doing the go slow on the way home.

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Kate said...

Your row by row is going to be a stunning quilt. Hope break has been good so for. Good for Mo pulling it together in the end and getting it done. That's a good skill to learn. Our girl is home from college and doing her best to do not much of anything. She managed all A's this semester, so we are pretty much letting get by with the doing nothing for now. Have a very happy holiday season.