22 January 2019

15 Minutes to Stitch Roundup

I've started a stitching journal so I can record my creative time now that I am back at work just to make sure that I keep that life balance think happening and linking up with Kate at Life In Pieces.

This week I did quite a bit of work on Pretty Circle Game Frames, a bit of backbasting continuing on from my class at the end of my holidays and started cutting out the Background fabrics for Florence.

There where 2 nights where I didn't stitch due to my sore elbow but the days when I did stitch a did more than 15 minutes so I came out on top I think.

Since this photo was taken I've completed another block and will finish the row tonight.  Then only 4 more to go and I can work on the appliqué border.  

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Kate said...

Congrats on finding some time to stitch this week. Sorry the elbow is still bothering you. It's hard to fit in that stitching time after work, it's so much easier to just collapse and do nothing.