25 March 2019

Class Work and 15 minute challenge

Well I did it this week I managed 7 out of 7 for 15 minutes.  It was truly a wonder as I was pretty stressed out at work but I think the stitching at night helped.

Friday night I did a class with Kellie from Don't Look Now, who runs Cutting Cloth in Victoria.  She was over for the Craft Fair and offered Lorraine at Hetties a couple of classes.  Many years ago I did a class with Kellie so I knew what to expect.  Had a lovely evening, catching up with a friend who I haven't seen in a few year and working on a zipper pouch front.  Its  combines raw edge appliqué and a bit of free motion quilting/thread painting to create the design.

It was a fun night and I loved the finished piece.  Just have to make the pouch now.  I bought a cute zipper at the Quilt and Craft Fair to finish it off.

Hopefully I will have it finished for next weeks round up.

Head to Kate's to see how everyone else has traveled.

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Kate said...

Congrats on a good week of stitching. Love the thread and applique work, very pretty! Hope this week is less stressful or at least if it is you can still sew some.