01 April 2019

15 Minute Challenge Row by Row swap and A Finish

Well the 7 out of 7 didn't last and this week's total was only 6/7.  I did work way more than 15 minutes each day and have spent a lot of time designing a new BOM.  Two blocks left to draft and then I can get sewing.

Going to try back basting this one hopefully all will go smoothly.

Row by Row swaps today.  So if you are waiting on the next pattern to be discounted head to my etsy shop.  This row is my favourite row.

And the finish.  Last weeks class project is all sewn up.

Head over to Kate's to see who is participating in the challenge.  

1 comment:

Kate said...

Very pretty bag! Are you keeping it or is it a gift (or has the daughter decided it's her's)?You still did really well on finding time to stitch last week. Hope this week is as good or better.