29 April 2019

15 Minute Challenge

Another 7 out of 7 this week.

Made a skirt for Mo which turned out to be too big in the waist, will have to make some adjustments to the pattern.   I did hem it after this picture was taken.  

I'm well underway to finish Block 2 of the BOM, flowers to go and had some nice time sitting in the sunshine stitching Saturday and today.   I purchased border fabric, which wasn't my first choice but will blend in well with what I am using for block backgrounds.

Maestro is back at Uni today and Mo goes back to school tomorrow.  I think they had a good break though Maestro did work more than half the 2 weeks he had off.  Mo's boyfriend spent a lot of time here, which she wasn't too sure about at the beginning of the holidays as it would cut down on her vegging in her PJ's all day time but she must have got over it.  She spent a lot of time drawing as well and left a bit of time for homework.

Well that's me for this week, it was nice to have a short week last week with Easter and Anzac Day.

How did your week go check out who else met the challenge at Kate's place.

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Kate said...

Holidays must have flown by for the kids. Love those bright flowers with the black backgrounds, they just pop. Hope this week has been as good on the stitching front.