06 May 2019

15 Minute Challenge Block 2 of Springtime Romance Finished

Another 7 out of 7 this week though some of those days I did only the 15 minute other days I went way over.

Block 2 is finished and I hope to start on block 3 tonight, though I did mess up with the backbasting and jumped the gun on the vase when I should have put the stems in first.  Going to see if I can work around it.

I went to sewing class this Thursday, can't go for a couple of weeks as I have appointments but it was good to sit and stitch for a couple of hours on my "free" day. I took my Green Tea and Sweet Beans block which I am doing with Amitie.  I have fallen a bit behind on Green Tea while doing Romance BOM so I though it was a good opportunity to catch up.  I have a drunkards path block to finish from last month and 3 from this month.  The first block Poppie had 8 templates for the 6" block it was a bit of a mongrel to get together and had me unpicking a bit.  I just have
appliqué the flower on now.  Once I got the templates round the right way it wasn't so hard to put together.

I have a goal to get another 2 blocks of Springtime Romance finished by the end of the month.  Block 2 was full on with the amount of pieces.  There a two more wreath block which are probably going to be as much work but I might leave them to a bit later and tackle another couple of vases this month.  I've traced all the blocks on the background so it is just basting and applique from now on and pattern writing of course.

I did some stash building as well this week, from a new shop I found on etsy.  She does the most beautiful wrapping.

Head to Kates to see how everyone did this week.  

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Kate said...

Love the Romance blocks. Congrats on getting in some stitching time each day. Hope your appointments don't keep you from getting in some good stitching time on those days this month.