20 May 2019

15 Minute Challenge - Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Another  7 out of 7 this week.

The Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM that I have been collecting from Amitie was a little behind.  I decided this week I would use the week to catch up.  I just have to do some berries on the last applique block and then I am up to date until the next block is due at the beginning of the month.  Here are all the blocks I finished this week.

Can't complain about the amount of fabric they give you for the BOM I have a lovely big pile and we have been given templates for the filler blocks so I can start on them anytime.

I will be heading back to my applique block this week.  The next one I am working on is another of the Vase blocks and it is pretty full on... I don't think I will get that one finished this week but I will make a go of it.

Mo has had the lurgy  and she ended up having Friday home from school, she has heaps of assignments due and they will have exams in a couple of weeks so she has been a bit anxious about everything.  Maestro has lots of assignments and test and exams coming up as well.

Did you keep up with 15 minutes.  Check out how everyone did at Kate's 


DawnyK said...

Congratulations on the 7 of 7 for the week. That's great!

Kate said...

Another good week of stitching. Love your newest BOM, a number of fun and pretty blocks. The SIT finished up the semester about a week and half ago. She was definitely glad to be done with finals.