17 June 2019

15 Minute Challenge and a couple of finishes

Another 7 out of 7 week.  Its amazing how much you can do when you have a deadline fast approaching.

One of the finishes was this skirt for Mo, I started it last weekend and finished it during the week.  I tried one earlier in the year but it ended up to big in the waist and a bit indecent in length.  This one is just right... though she wanted it shorter but after I demonstrated how much butt she would be showing even with tights she let me do the length I wanted to.  There is now an order for a couple of tartan skirts... and I am lamenting the tartan I sold on ebay 18 months ago.

Block 4 which turns out to be Block 6 when I look at the quilt image was finished.  I have moved on to block 8 which is proving to be quicker to stitch and is well on the way to being finished.  Probably another night or two depending if I do some pattern writing tonight instead.

I've had a couple of sales of the block patterns already from  my etsy shop already and the offical start date hasn't even happened yet, so I am hoping this quilt is going to be successful.

This week I am having an extra day off to help my hubby with some errands and work life is cranking up for the busy time of year.  Hopefully I can keep everything running smoothly and stress free.

So how did you do for this week challenge.  Check in with Kate to see how everyone is going.

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Kate said...

Congrats on the pattern sales and on a very productive week. Very cute skirt. Congrats on all the progress on the stitching front, clothes and quilt blocks. Hopefully you'll still be able to find some sanity stitching time even though the work pace is picking up.