17 February 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Another Year is Added to the Tally

Another 6 out of 7 this week.  One night I just couldn't do it I just vegged, it was probably my birthday that did it to me.   Work that day was pretty meh, but I came home to the most magnificent bunch of flowers, which my husband had arranged for Maestro to go and get which made everything much better.   He just told him what to spend and said no flowers starting with C carnations because I can't stand them or chrysanthemums because I only really like a certain type. Which meant they had to remake a new bunch there were lots ready for Valentine's day.    But it had all flowers that I love so it was worth Maestro going through some pain to get them.

Here they are when I first got them and the other picture is from this morning with the lilies open.  It's nearly a week and they are still going strong.  I think the orchids will last the longest and the lisianthus.  

It was my birthday on Wednesday, but hubby got Thursday off so that we could have lunch together for my birthday, and Maestro wasn't working so he tagged along for a free feed.  We tried a pub we hadn't been to before down the coast a little bit (about 4 beaches along) and the meal was pretty good, the day was sunny and we had a lovely view of the beach and the boys mostly behaved themselves.

Mo made me a card, though I told her next year she doesn't have to include my age.

I went to see the new adaption of Emma, on my own because I couldn't get anyone to go and see a Mr Darcy film.  It was the best Emma I've seen and the costumes were magnificent.  I think I'm going to go again with the girls in the next couple of weeks it will be worth it to study the embroidery some more.

I'm off to a quilting class this weekend at the local quilt shop.  Think I'm looking forward to it.  My usual partners in crime wont be there this time, I think that is why I'm not feeling it just now but I have all my fabric and tools just about ready.

Here is a progress shot of the last border for Springtime Romance.  Lots more flowers to go but it is starting to look like the pattern.  The flowers for this border are a lot bigger so hopefully it won't take too much longer.

How has your week gone.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is getting on with the challenge.


loulee said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes. Looks like the men in your life treated you well.

Kate said...

Happy Belated birthday! Looks like your guys pulled out the stops for your day. The flowers are gorgeous. Hope the class is really fun.