06 April 2020

15 Minutes and Working from Home

It was a 6 out of 7 week this week.  No excuses just didn't feel like it one night.

DH started working from home on Wednesday and I moved out of the family room where my desk was set up and just left him to it.  I set up in Mo's art room and so far we both happy with the arrangement we don't get disturbed by the constant video conferencing that is happening down the other end of the house.  DH is still grumbling about noise but I think we are doing pretty good.... he needs to lower his expectations, I'm sure we will have that discussion a bit later this week.

Stitching wise I have finished 2 more Green Tea and Sweet Bean blocks and am half way through the last block from month 8 which should only take me a couple of nights.  There are quite a few filler blocks that also have to be stitching but I might leave those till the end.  I'm not planning on doing the border at this stage, I've seen a version without the border and I really like the look.

We have a glut of tomatoes, they have been really slow to ripen as the weather since Christmas has been so mild.  We still have green ones on the bush.  I made a batch of tomato relish on Sunday.  After the mixture reduced sadly I only got 2 and half jars, but as I'm the only one who will eat it, it is probably a good thing.

I've been using the treadmill every day but today I thought it would be a good idea to go out for a walk as well so Mo and I headed out into the sunshine this afternoon. I got a sneaky picture of Mo when she went to get rid of a doggy bag.  


Shasta Matova said...

I'm starting another job tomorrow. We'll see how it works out. 6 out of 7 days is good.

Kate said...

A really good week. It's OK to have a night you don't feel the urge to stitch. Taking walks at lunch has been helping with the work from home situation. It's hard to just stay in all day. Hope your Guy gets his work from home groove going without annoying everyone else. Stay well.