19 May 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Back to Work from Office Sort of

I went back into the office yesterday, don't really know who was sadder the dog or me.  I have gotten use to just staying at home, and I have managed to get round some of the connection issues by just logging on early before the work network became too busy.  But the boss said it was time to come back in a couple of days a week.  The office carpark was totally empty when I arrived so I left the front door locked while I was on my own.

I can't stick to one craft at the moment so there I have been doing a few different things it was a 7 out of 7 last week again.  More work was done on Mo's boyfriend's music bag but we really have to get to it this weekend because his birthday is next Tuesday.

I've done started on some different granny squares from a book and youtube video's by Spinchusions. I plan to make a blanket for Maestro out of these.  There are 10 designs that get more difficult as you move along and learn more stitches.  I have enough of this wool to do a 100 squares which should make a nice size for his bed.

The cross stitching has come along now that I have my space age glasses though I have been gradually modifying them so they are more comfortable.  First I took the arms off and put he head band on that it came with. Then I took the nose piece off because that was digging in.  Think I might need to put a bit of felt across the bit that sits against my forehead but the magnification is amazing the holes in the linen are so easy to count now.

I'm just a 3rd of the way through.

My last piece I've been working on is my whole cloth applique.  I've marked 4 designs along the sides and bottom and have selected another for across the top.  There may be a few more smaller designs to go in some of the blank spaces I will have to see.  I've started on the centre motive.

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Kate said...

Going back to the office was a bit weird at first, it seemed really empty that first week as not everyone was back yet. Most everyone was back this week, so it seemed almost normal, except for all the face coverings in the hallways. Congrats on all the stitching time this week. Sometimes you just have to "cleanse" the palette a bit and work on a few different things.