11 May 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Happy Mothers Day

It was a 7 out of 7 this week.  The blanket got finished though I still have to weave in all the ends.

I started the Blackbird Design Cross Stitch kit I received.  The stitching is really tiny and my the magnifier I purchased was didn't do a good enough job.  One of my friend's reminded me that the light we use has a magnifier on it that she uses.  It is a bit awkward I have to sort of sit on the light base to use it but I could see better with it so was able to get a good start on the cross stitch.

I did a search on amazon and found some glasses with interchangeable magnifiers so will give them a go when they arrived.  I also got a delivery of wool today so the next crochet project is in the planning stage but I am doing a few lessons on Youtube to get my skills up, as I really only know a couple of stitches and I want to be able to do some more patterns than traditional granny squares.

On the weekend Mo and I started on her boyfriends present, he turns 18 in a couple of weeks and she wants to make him a bag to carry a small keyboard and synthesiser.  He them over  over so I could take measurements of them and I when I looked at them I realised that they would need extra padding within the bag to keep two pieces safe (there are lots of knobs and switches).  I found some adhesive foam which I thought would fit the bill.   Here is one of the completed pouches this one will be for the cords, there will be another one for the synthesiser and one for the keyboard.  I'm not completely happy with this one, so it might get a remake if I have enough foam left over the lining is a bit too big.

We have 2 more weekends to get the bag done, fingers crossed it all works out.  As working with the foam is a bit tricky I've told Mo that I will do the pouches and she can make the outer bag which should be a bit easier to stitch.

They have eased the restrictions here, hopefully people do the right thing, though they reported in the papers that people flocked to shopping centres on the weekend.  Of course it was Mothers Day yesterday and maybe it was just everyone trying to get something nice for Mum.

We headed to a local tennis court and the kids had an impromptu Mother's Day Classic Match. Mo was leading the first 3 games but then Maestro managed to start getting his serves in, so most of the rest of the games went down to the wire withe Maestro finally taking out the match.   Maestro is usually working Mother's Day so it was good to have both the kids home.  I got nice gifts from them both and we did have quite a bit of family time so it was a good day.

How did your week go, are you getting much done.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is faring.

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Kate said...

The bag project sounds pretty complicated, but it should be a really cool gift when it's all finished. Glad you had a happy Mother's Day with both kiddos home and hanging out.