14 June 2021

15 Minute Challenge, Fibre Feast & Quick Quilts 3 Ready to download

 Work is still a little nuts but I seem to be coping.  It was a 6 out of 7 week this week and we had a long weekend so I have sewn for the last 3 days a bit in the sewing room and a bit of embroidery.  

I've been working on another carry all I have the binding to go but I am  sure I am going to have a sore shoulder tonight from wrangling the thing under the machine to put the sides on.  I'm not sure if my bernina would have gone through all the layers the juki did it but just... never again with Home dec fabric.  

I found a nice piece of voile that is the right size for the back of Quick Quilt 3 which you can download for free from here  .  So that will be on the agenda for next week.  

Yesterday I went to Fibre Feast a market for all things yarn inspired.  I made a serious dent in the cc and I only was there half an hour it was pretty packed with people and there was a line up when I left.  I am really glad I got there just after opening time.  My loot is in the picture below.  There are a couple of things for crochet and a few more sock yarns to add to the stash and it won't be long until I start on that adventure.  

I worked on the Hetties Embroidery page, I've added to it since taking this snap.  

Nothing to report on my cross stitch this week, I think I will get back to it this evening.  


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Kate said...

Very pretty yarns, those pastels are lovely. You'll have some gorgeous socks later this year. Sorry work has continued to be busy. I can relate. Hope this week was better on all fronts.