07 June 2021

15 Minute Challenge and Not Much To See

 I can't remember if I stitched everyday but it may have been a 5 or 6 out of 7 week for me but I may have briefly picked up my cross stitch and ended up doing a 7 out of 7 it is anyone's guess. 

DH and I went out to lunch with Maestro this weekend at the restaurant where he works.  He was given the whole weekend off as he had worked 8 days straight and his boss just said he needed it.  Lunch was really nice, he had the boss prepare it for us and he gave us huge serves which none of us could finish including Maestro who has hollow legs.  

He wanted us to go to his apartment so that we could measure up a stand for the dryer they have purchased.  He seems to be coping with doing his own washing and cleaning without much fuss.  The flatmate is a bit of a neat freak which suites Maestro, he is pretty minimalist and once we were through high school he kept his room pretty tidy.  He came back home with us as he was going to a party with friends close by and watched the footy with DH.  

I am working on another catch all caddy.  I found a shop not to far away that stock the by Annie patterns and all the supplies.  O my everything to do with those patterns costs money but I like the finish on them.  I have a few patterns now and am going to make a few more items to store hand work.  

As I said I mainly worked on my cross stitch this week, which included some unstitching when I found I had worked the border wrong.  I also found a website where you can download some patterns by another designer that I quite like.  I purchased some linen to make the first one  which should come later this week and I might sneak that project in next but I still have a way to go on the pin drum.  

So how did you go this week.  

Check out Kate's to see how everyone is travelling.  

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Kate said...

Such little stitches on the cross stitch. That probably wasn't a lot of fun to pick out that border. Glad to hear that Maestro is doing well. Sounds like you had a reasonably productive week. Hopefully work has lined out and wasn't responsible for the stitching amnesia. Have a great week.