31 May 2021

15 Minute Challenge & Quick Quilt 3 Top finished

Work was a little better last week and I only had to put in a couple of extra hours.

This week I got the first instalment of an embroidery club run by my local quilt shop.  The first box of goodies with beautiful threads and linen to complete the project.  The end result will be a cloth book of various embroidery techniques and a few smaller pieces thrown in.  

Another shop was offering Cosmo thread packs at a bargain price.  I ended up with 100 skeins with only a couple of double ups so I was really pleased I probably won't have to buy threads for a while for any cross stitch projects that I decide to start down the track.  I do love the Weeks Dye Works threads they work out so much more expensive when compared to normal stranded cotton.    

Yesterday I finished the border for Quick Quilt 3.  I haven't decided on a backing yet but I have the batting ready to go.  I think I'm going to quilt this one with my walking foot for a change and maybe repeat the flower of the main fabric in the centre square.  We will have to see how enthusiastic I am to do that once the straight quilting is done. That usually bores me to tears so I may just give up at that point.  I will be working on the written pattern next, it will be up on the website by 15/6/2021.

There isn't much progress on my cross stitch I spent quite a few nights winding embroidery threads on to cards.  

Mo is a bit frantic this week it is the last week of school and she has lots of drawings to be finished from her Introduction to Drawing Class that need to be at the school a week from Wednesday.  She got back the coffee cup and pot that she made for boyfriend's birthday.  The black clay looks amazing though she overdid the flow top glaze which caused a bit of a problem in the firing but the cup looks wonderful regardless and of course I want one or may a set.  I'm sure I'll get some more one day.  

I think it was a 5 out of 7 this week for sewing.  There was a couple of days when I just couldn't managing doing anything, hopefully next week will be better.  

See how everyone else is doing at Kate's.  

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Kate said...

Quick quilt 3 looks great! You've been moving along on several fronts this week even if you didn't get in 7 of 7 days on the stitching end of things. Glad to hear that work wasn't so bad last week. Hopefully things will continue to improve. Good luck to Mo on all her drawings, that last week is always so stressful. The SIT was glad to have a break, she starts summer semester next Monday. The coffee cup looks great! I can see why you want a set.