24 May 2021

15 Minute Challenge - I really Hate Work at the moment

Work is really crappy at the moment and I am not getting anywhere.  I'm just over it and we will just leave it at that.  It was only a 5 out 7 week for me because a couple of the days were just meh.. I also hurt my neck so that hasn't put me in a good place either.  

We helped Maestro buy a new car this week and the dealership was a good hour drive from home so we have had a couple of busy days getting that purchase finalised.

On the weekend I picked up the sewing pace and got the next Quick Quilt together.  This one so far is my favourite.  I managed to over cut the flying geese units so I have decided to add a goose border to go round the quilt.  The geese are all made so just have to trim them up and add them on.  

There was a bit of progress on the cross stitch not as much as I would like but it is getting there.  

Hope your week has been filled with lots of stitching.

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Kate said...

Sorry work has been so crappy. I can completely relate, these first few days back after vacation have been brutal. Hope your neck is feeling better and that work is starting to line out. Have a great weekend.