17 May 2021

15 Minute Challenge What a Weekend

Stuff got complicated and stressful at work last week, mainly people just making things hard when it didn't need to be.  To top it all off DH went to dinner with people from work Friday night came home on a late train and managed to leave his phone on the train (we think). So about 11.30 friday night I was driving him back into the city to see if his phone was handed in then we chased a couple of trains to see if his phone was on them.  Today still no phone, the battery died Friday night so Find my Phone isn't working.  At least his life isn't on his phone like mine is but it is still a pain in the butt.

I finished the Catch all caddy.  The binding was a serious struggle especially since I used home dec fabric and I have another one cut out using the same type of fabric what was I thinking.  

Quick Quilt 3 is well on the way.  All the pieces are cut and I am halfway through the construction process.  The first units are done for all the blocks I now have the flying geese units to make that's this weeks task.  Here is my first block.  

There has only been a bit of progress on the cross stitch.  

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Kate said...

Losing a phone is never ever fun. Hopefully it's showed up since the weekend. I like the block you are using for quick quilt #3. It's never fun when others make things harder than the need to be. Has this week been any better on that front?