03 May 2021

15 Minute Challenge and a new start or 2

 It was a 7 out of 7 even though work did its best to kick me in the butt.  I get this awful feeling that the 3 months extra work is going to become long term... I hope I am wrong.  

I finished the Holly Hock cross stitch which was a bonus project in last years cross stitch subscription but they didn't give us all the linen to complete the bag so I'm not sure what to do with the finished project, because the previous bag I made was nice but kinda not useful, maybe another lavender bag if I can get my hands on some lavender.    

I've made another start on a drum from the book, there is one more to go after this is finished plus a little sampler which I want to do and then I think I have made nearly everything in the book.  

I made a start on another Carry-All Caddy this one for myself and I am planning on cutting out another one at sewing this week.  I am waiting on some zips to arrive and the bag rings hopefully they will be here by the weekend so I can start the stitching part.  

The next Quick Quilt is just about finished being cut out, however I realised I didn't have enough background fabric and needed to do a rethink of the quilt. I've added another lot of contrasts to each block which gives the block a different feel.  The next block is really versatile there are quite a number of different arrangements you can make so it really isn't that big a deal you can make 3 or 4 entirely different quilts with the one block.  

We went to the pottery shop the other day for some Glaze and they had samples of black clay.  Mo made these using it and I'm off to get her a bag of the clay for her to make some more things for me because I have seem some coffee cup on instagram using black clay and I need to have some. 

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Kate said...

Sorry work has been so busy. I know the feeling all too well. You did much better than I did at staying on course with your stitching time. The Holly Hock stitchery turned out very pretty. Hopefully you'll find a final use for it. Very cool black clay pieces. I had no ideal there was such a thing. Looking forward to seeing what Mo comes up with for your coffee cups.