10 May 2021

15 Minute Challenge and a bit sad about one change

It was only a 5 out of 7 week this week.  The first missed day was due to Maestro moving out and I really didn't feel like stitching.  

Maestro has decided to quit Uni and become an apprentice Chief, he also moved out into an apartment with one of the Chief's at work.  The place is only 10 minutes from work so that is better for him driving late at night.  He wont start the apprenticeship until he turns 21 so that he will be on adult wages and in the mean time is learning all he can in the kitchen and they have started giving him shifts on the bar as well.  DH isn't happy that he has given up Uni but as I have said he needs to find something he is passionate about and he really loves the job so maybe this is it.  

We have kept his room set up here because he says that he will probably come home at least one day a week and he will always entertain his friends at our place so I think we will still see a lot of him even though when DH told me he was all moved in I did have a bit of a cry.  

Mo and I went to Bowerbird Market on Friday which was my other missed sewing day this week.  Haven't been since the Xmas before Covid but it was great to be back and it was really busy which was good for all the storeholders.  We stuck to our routine and did dinner first and then walked around and I picked a few things I like and then Mo went and did mothers day shopping for her and her brother while I had a hot chocolate.   

I bought myself a couple of baskets these are made by villagers in Myanmar and are made from recycled packing straps.  They are so beautiful it was really hard to choose which one to pick.  If you look at the website you will understand my dilemma www.palibaskets.com.     

I ended up with a beautiful resin bracelet and a necklace for mothers day.  We went to lunch on Saturday as Maestro worked all day Sunday.  Mo wasn't well at lunch and ended up waking up with a fever on Sunday.  We took her for a Covid test just in case which came back negative and she is having a day home from Uni today (hopefully she won't stress too much about missing the day). 

I spent the weekend putting together a Catch all caddy.  Its nearly finished, the last stage is proving to be a bit of a struggle but I think I will get there, probably shouldn't have used home dec fabric but it was so pretty.  Might go and have a go at putting the 2nd side on this afternoon.  I worked from home today as my throat was a bit scratchy this morning, taking plenty of sambucol to hopefully boost my immune system enough that I don't come down with anything.  Winter has arrived and it is a bit wild and woolly today so its good to be able to work from home.  

I have also started another drum pincushion. This one has a lot of details so it will probably take a while.  

How's your week been. Check out Kate' page to see how everyone went this week.  Remember it is the last week to download the latest quick quick quilt so head to the 2021 BOM page to get your free pattern.  



Shasta Matova said...

It is always hard when a child leaves the nest. Sounds like a good outing. I hope that both you and your daughter are recovering quickly from whatever you each got.

Kate said...

Sounds like a very busy week, with good fun with Mo, but sadness of the growing up with the oldest. Hopefully Maestro has found his passion and it will work into a great career. Hope you are doing much better this week.